Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kids Rule!

Hi folks,

As part of my job, I’ve been watching videos which have been collected throughout Eastern and Southern Africa.

A lady from Zimbabwe said she went to a rural school in the Masvingo province and the kids were desperate for something to play with. They provided the school with balls for soccer and netball- school attendance has since increased. It just struck me how much of a difference a ball can make when you’re a young-un.

Children all over the continent are having the burden of looking after their parents due to HIV and AIDS, some have been orphaned and are passed from one relative to the next. Some are the sole supporters of the household. I’ll admit that the media often neglects the good stories that come out of Africa. But we can’t ignore that millions of kids are survivors of a very cruel reality. Many kids are exposed to rape, abuse, disease, hunger and other social issues related to poverty. I would love to take them away from all of these nasty conditions and place them in Neverland.

Until such a time, I’ll be nagging all family, friends and friends of friends to donate any toys, clothes or books for Christmas.I’ll be collecting goodies every Saturday (6/13/20/27) of November 2011 in Johannesburg. Saving one starfish at a time type-stuff.

Any help with time or donations are welcome. I'll start with a few teddy bears and my copy of James and the Giant Peach.
Many thanks x
Ps. Please also suggest any prefered childrens homes which are deserving of your kind gesture

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  1. Your blog is so fresh and inspiring. I think what you're doing for these kids is amazing. Good on you, I hope it all goes well