Wednesday, October 26, 2011

December body

My body conditioning routine which only works if I stick to it!

Without sounding too snooty, one of the privileges of this middle class life is that you get to choose what you put into your body. December is just around the corner and you either want to be bikini or summer frock ready. Who wants to be carrying extra pounds in this heat? The days of comfort eating should be left behind with the winter chill.

I declare, on 26 October 2011 that I, Phakamani Sivuyile Lisa am not at my best weight. The pot belly is ever present and my thighs need a break from each other. There’s no one to blame except myself because just last night I had 2 jacket potatoes with sour cream and lamb curry for dinner. As if a light salad and grilled chicken breast wouldn’t have sufficed.

A few changes need to be made. Firstly, I need to incorporate some exercise into my life. I have a little body conditioning routine which I adopt and abandon at random. Today, I pledge to be consistent. Nothing worse than somebody who insists they eat celery sticks and gym frequently but remains the same size.

Secondly, I need to let go of my Chocolate Cornetto McFlurry obsession. It started with the KFC Chocolate Brownie Avalalanche. It’s made up of chocolate sauce, 4 mini brownies and soft serve ice cream. For this I blame photographer and fellow blogger Mapodile Mkhabela. Then another friend of mine, Amy Criticos (designer and childhood friend) introduced me to the world of chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, bits of sugar cone and soft serve under the family of McFlurry’s. You can imagine the irreparable damage such indulgence has.

Did Kate Moss say “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”? She clearly hasn’t had 800g sweet and sticky pork ribs in a while but then again, she’s not trying to drop 5kg’s in the next month. So, no more Woolies meals or take-away for lunch. It’s back to whole wheat bread, avo, lettuce, peppadews and pastrami. Yogurt and juice in the morning and tonight I’m doing sushi for dinner.

This is not a prescribed diet. I’m just trying to lessen my salt, sugar and carb (carbohydrate) in take without completely removing them. I have a serious love affair with the spud. However, I’ve watched enough health shows to know that water, vegetables, fruit and exercise are crucial for healthy living. Here’s to my December body and lowering the risks of getting diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, depression and gout amongst other things.

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