Friday, September 30, 2011

Girl Crush

Tamara Dey and myself at the Hyde Park Hotel

Generally, everyone is allowed one same sex crush. I have three- Julia Roberts, Christina Hendricks and Tamara Dey. In my head, we're all best friends.

Based on previous interviews, I think Julia is so down to earth. Her smile and that giant vein on her forehead add such character. I fell in love with her after watching 'My Best Friends Wedding' on repeat for 3 years and then proceeded to watch every movie she's made. Even when everybody was hating on 'Eat Pray Love' (the movie), I thought she did a sterling job and it was actually the script that was bad. Should I meet her one day, I will let her know that she did the best she could with an average script.

Christina is the lovely lass from Mad Men. I watched season 1- 4 of this series in 10 days. Initially I wasn't a fan because I thought Mad Men was monotone and I couldn't relate to any of the characters. There was no Meredith Grey to irritate me or Bree Olson to chuckle at. But I grew to love and hate the 60's because of this series. Hated it because women who weren't married by 25 were labeled outcasts. Loved it because men wore 3- piece fitted suites and hats everyday. But back to Christina, her character is all-woman.

Tamara is stylish, groovy and has (only what I can describe as) 'pazzaz'. She was uber cool as queen of kwaito and now uber coolest as queen of disco/rock/dance. She's my singing and dancing alter- ego. On Friday 26 I got to meet Tamara Dey. I asked her to share her biggest middle class concern. I fumbled and mumbled around the question but it's generally what happens when you write better than you speak. I wish I didn't have to write down my thoughts for them to be clear!

Tamara stated the high levels of unemployment and reckless taxi drivers as her biggest MCC's. This lead to a discussion on South Africa's public transport system- or lack thereof. She recognises the efforts being made by metro police and the department of transport to clamp down on drunk driving. But her biggest grievance is that there is still no 'reliable' and 'affordable' public transport system that allows the youth to party responsibly. "People are not going to stop going out" said Ms Dey.

(She'll be performing at St Johns College (Jhb) and Rhapsody's (Pta) with her band Flash Republic this weekend. The bands music is also available on iTunes and Omusic)

All of these women have remained humble even after the fame and multiple hugs from strangers. From Julia, I've learned that wild laughter is a daily necessity. From Christina I've learned to own and embrace my femininity and from Tamara I've learned that sources of structure and stability are crucial for a fresh perspective.

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