Friday, February 10, 2012

Sh*t Middle Class Folk Say

I recently watched a Youtube video of Sh t Hipsters Say. It has lead to this post: a compilation of stuff middle class folk complain about. The quotes are taken from my twitter timeline (@middleccblog) and they're usually followed by #middleclassconcerns #sigh #bleak and the traditional sad face :(. Enjoy!

·         I really want to help others  but I love all my clothes

·         I hate telephone conversations

·         I can’t drink instant coffee

·         I’ve been working out for 2 weeks and haven’t lost an inch

·         What could be worse than slow internet service?

·         There are too many pillows on my bed

·         iPhone vs Blackberry? Often followed by: “I really need an iMac”

·         Should I refill my ink cartridge or just get a new printer?

·         Facebook relationship status: complicated

·         Left my travel pillow! It’s going to be a long flight

·         If Heidi and Seal can’t make, how will we?

·         We have 3 remote controls for the TV.

·         I put too much milk in my cereal

·         I don’t entirely trust internet banking but I don’t have time to go to the bank

·         I wish I had a TV in my bathroom

·         Our gardener is on holiday L

·         We’ve run out of cranberry and apple tea

·         I can’t decide what my favourite Adele song is

·         I want a poached egg. I can’t poach an egg

·         What do you mean no dessert after dinner?

·         Soya vs. Skim milk?

·         We’ve had to cut down this year…no second vacation

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  1. i have no relationship with my clothes; i love telephone esp. but f2f conversations; i don't own a television set (eish i read. i hate text language. i don't own a bed let alone pillows. dont get me started on the blackberry (or as i like to call it blueberry - useless)dont drink milk yet i want to kill death for slow internet connection! and agree with everything else u said. i'm still laughing at my own vanity because u have managed to minimise it to reality... and what does cutting down have with a second vacation? vacations are simply a must. how does one not breathe?