Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sins of thy Wife

Picture by: Thembinkosi Dwayisa

Let me get this right: There is a woman, old enough to be my mother, guilty of drug dealing? Sheryl Cwele (what a lovely name) has been convicted of trafficking cocaine. Add to that, she is wife to SA Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele. He is facing some heat regarding the sins of his wife but has not released a statement. Mrs Cwele was recruiting drug mules, 2 of which are serving 8- year prison sentences in Brazil. They were caught out at Soa Paolo airport with 10 kg of cocaine. Sheryl tried to claim that she had hired the ladies to act as directors and represent her companies. Alas, her story fell apart when the mules turned state witnesses. It was revealed that they hadn’t even finish high- school and were going to be paid R25 000 for two weeks of “work”. Sheryl then did what most people would do and tried to pin the illegal activities on her Nigerian co- accused Frank Nabolisa.

Nigerian meets minister’s wife, meets drug dealing- I think we have a movie plot. My national pride is bruised and this hoodlum is still attending meetings as Director of Health and Community Services at the Hibiscus Coast Municipality. She has recently been given “special leave”. My question is: what for? Is it time to reflect? Or perhaps the municipality does not want to be hasty; Sheryl might still have a place if her appeal is granted.

A study conducted by the World Health Organisation and the United Nations Drug Control Programme concluded that South Africans consume well over 5 billion litres of alcohol per year.  Alcohol continues to remain the most commonly abused drug in South Africa, followed by cannabis and Mandrax. In addition, according to the South African Institute of International Affairs there are up to 500 000 cocaine users in the country and there are up to 300 international crime syndicates, involved in drug trafficking, operating in SA borders. The point is, Sheryl is just one delinquent. This might be an opportunity for SA government to divert its focus on drug trafficking and consumption. When was the last time you saw an anti- drug ad or campaign?


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