Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pay your dues

Well well well...could it be? A prayer answered. A wish granted. Karma in reverse.

Pay your dues: it has become lesson number one in 2012. I've spent the past year doing runt work, sending 2 applications a day and attending interviews with no follow-ups. If you refer to my "PickMe" post, you'll see that I was getting quite edgy about it.

The angst had built to a climax in the past couple of weeks when a friend of mine, Karabo Mafisa said "Phaks, you have to pay your dues". And like any light bulb moment, I had nothing to reply. I kept replaying the words like a new motto. Within the same week I was called in for an interview with a global public relations company. The following week they sent me a writing assessment; I met the MD and was sent a contract to begin work with them immediately.

In a quick twitter survey, I asked my followers what their first jobs were and here are some responses:

-"Worked at a film festival and loved it!' - Lauren Rosenburg
-"I was a library assistant...it was alright.I'm now an international criminal lawyer/researcher. I love it!" -Princess Ailitto
-"I was a waiter in my first year. Hated the customers but it made some decent money" - Jasmine

Rod Stewart was a grave digger before he became a rock star and Beyonce Knowels worked at her moms hair salon whilst singing her way to fame. So lesson learnt universe, one must start at the bottom to rise to the top.

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